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Description: ELVIS PRESLEY VS JXL A little less conversation GOSSIP Heavy cross BEIRUT Santa Fé FLORENCE AND THE MACHINE Ship to wreck ERIC CLAPTON Can’t let you do it COTTON BELLY’S Given ULAN BATOR Coeurrida ALBUM DE LA SEMAINE “Abracadabra” THE STRUMBELLAS Spirits COCOON I can’t wait ARCHIVE Bullets BLUR Out of time VENUS Beautiful day JOHNSON CONCORDE We know who you are EXCLU M83 Outro ULAN BATOR Ether ALBUM DE LA SEMAINE “Abracadabra” SON LUX Lost it to trying THE ASTEROIDS Around the bend ASIAN KING FU GENERATION Blackout POP CORN & PROJECTION La Chronique “Five” LILLY ALLEN 22 ULAN BATOR Protection ALBUM DE LA SEMAINE “Abracadabra” ASTONVILLA J’aime regarder les filles CHEVEU Clare vénus CENTRAL MASSIF Electric life MASS HYSTERIA Osmos 99 THE CRAMPS Ultra twist NEGATIVE APPROACH Friend or foe REALLY RED I was a teenager ANGRY SAMOANS Inside my brain JEAN-MICHEL JARRE Stardust
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