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Description: RE FLEX The politics of dancing OMD Enola gay TEACUP MONSTER Communication STUCK IN THE SOUND Dies irae I’M FRESH YOU’RE PRETTY Date (version Française) EXCLU DBFC Automonic WASHINGTON DEAD CATS Give me back my broken heart ALBUM DE LA SEMAINE “Under the creole moon” BOW WOW WOW I want candy THE STROKES What ever happened NEW PULL Hey girl THE FRESH AND ONLYS Yes or no GREAT MOUNTAIN FIRES Crooked head SAD HOURS Sad vacation WASHINGTON DEAD CATS Oumamamama ALBUM DE LA SEMAINE “Under the creole moon” LES SATELLITES Les Américains LE BAL DES ENRAGES I wanna be my girl TUTATUKAS Paranoia SAVAGES The answer BRIAN ENO & DAVID BYRNE Regiment VIRGIN PRUNES Ulakanakulon WASHINGTON DEAD CATS I got to get you ALBUM DE LA SEMAINE “Under the creole moon” THE SHAPERS Can’t forget POLAR POLAR POLAR POLAR Vinaigre THE SANDCHERRIES Palpitation POPCORN & PROJECTION La Chronique “Un homme à la hauteur” RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS Dark necessities HOTEL COSMANN David Bowie ASTRAL TEARS Back to life DRY CAN Aside UNIFORME MOTION False start REFUGE Brokenbird EMERALDIA AYAKASHI Kintsukurai
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