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Description: INTERPOL Barricades RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS Look around ONE REPUBLIC Counting stars THE KINKS You really got me RAMONES Out of time THE JOHN WAYNE SUPERMARKET Ainsi va la vie 30 SECONDS TO MARS City of angels ALBUM DE LA SEMAINE "Love lust faith + dreams" THE AIKIU Win NEW ORDER Shell shock LITTLE NEMO Last sunset ELECTRIC PRESS KIT Rape of the vampyre Exclusivité British Connection THE HIVES Supply and demand THE BRATCHMAN Higher and higer THE DOORS Light my fire 30 SECONDS TO MARS The race ALBUM DE LA SEMAINE "Love lust faith + dreams" HIFIKLUB Devil be nows DEPUTIES Back in town MGMT Song for Dan Treacy THE DANDY WARHOLS Bohemain like you PRICKLY PEARL Make me grow ROCK ONE ATTITUDE La Chronique Invité : Jack & Lumber THE IMAGINARY SUITCASE Driftwood THALIE NEMENIS Paris at night 30 SECONDS TO MARS Dor or die ALBUM DE LA SEMAINE "Love lust faith + dreams" DOMINO Gangsters THE CLASH Police on my back FALSE PROHETS Taxidermist PINK TATAMI Chapter and verse Exclusivité British Connection PIERRE GAMBINI BO Série Mafiosa
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