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Description: TALK TALK Life's what you make it XTC Making plane for nigel DURAN DURAN Notorious PLACEBO Loud like love NOEL GALLAGHERS High flying birds PAUL WELLER Saturn patterns SHOEFITI Work queue pay ALBUM DE LA SEMAINE "Coriolis" THE KILLS Tape song MIRACLE FORTRESS Maybe lately THE MANHATTAN Love suicides RED MONEY Chase me THE XX Vcr ALINE La vie électrique DUEL Hey, tu ne me manqueras pas SHOEFITI Peanuts ALBUM DE LA SEMAINE "Coriolis" WEEZER We are all on drugs CHARLY GEE So what PEOPLE ON HOLIDAY Hemeralopic LES SHERIFF C'est pour bientôt PAT KEBRA C'est comme ça DAYTONA Morceaux de lune BALTHAZAR Bunker CULTURE POP CORN La chronique : Don't starve SHOEFITI Coriolis ALBUM DE LA SEMAINE "Coriolis" STOKOLM Wolf BAD BRAINS Pay to cum THE SISTER OF MERCY No time to cry ECHO AND THE BUNNYMEN Lips like sugar CHINA CRISIS Black man ray DIRTY DISTRICT Soap VIRUS 37 More and faster
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