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Description: TALISCO Your wish THE DO Sparks X AMBASSADORS Renegades BLOC PARTY Positive tension RANK Tonight DRY CAN Path ALBUM DE LA SEMAINE "Meanwhile" BECK Loser XTC Making plane for nigel KING DUDE & CHELSEA WOLFE Be free ALPHABETICAL Rusted gold NEW ORDER Restless SMOKE THE BEES Garrincha EDITORS Life is a fear DRY CAN Dry eyes ALBUM DE LA SEMAINE "Meanwhile" IAN DAYEUR Belle France NOIR DESIR Un jour en France THE RAMONES Blitzkrieg bop TARA PERDIDA Desalinhado STUNG OUT Every break you take THE HIVES Back in black ELEKTRIC PRESS KIT Rape of the vampyrs BARROQUE BORDELLO Today DRY CAN Nothing came ALBUM DE LA SEMAINE "Meanwhile" THE SUNSHINE Beat it CIGUE The sun always shines on tv CLAN OF XYMOX Venus SIOUXSIE & THE BANSHEES Candy man FFS Call girl ALAIN BASHUNG C'est comment qu'on fraine AEROPLANE Mountains of Moscow
Envoyé le: 13.12.2015
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