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Description: THE AVENER & KIM CHURCHILL You're window to the sky GUSH Siblings LILLY WOOD & THE PRICK I love you HYPHEN HYPHEN Just need your love TALISCO The keys THE SHOES Give it away ELECTRIC PRESS KIT Rape of the vampyre ALBUM DE LA SEMAINE "Low cost" THE SMITHS Barbarism begins at home MAMAS AND PAPAS California dream LUX MONTES You dark wave EXCLU DEATH IN ROME Barbie girl DANIEL DARC & BILL PRITCHARD Aimer à nouveau TV ON THE RADIO Happy idiot ELECTRIC PRESS KIT Où que tu sois ALBUM DE LA SEMAINE "Low cost" FOR THE HACKERS Sunrise CULTURE POP CORN La Chronique : FRANZ FERDINAND Evil eye KAISER CHIEFS The factory gates I MACHINE Welcome STINKY The crown EXCLU ELECTRIC PRESS KIT Lost last word ALBUM DE LA SEMAINE "Low cost" WEEZER Back to the shack WARFIELD Born to kill SHAM 69 If the kids are united PUNK COVERS Sweet dreams LES HURLEMENTS D'LEO La révolution LUDWIG VON 88 Crêpes suzette RAS Votez pour moi LES SHERIFF Panik à Daytona Beach LIVE THE SPECIALS Too much too young MADNESS Baggy trousers LAURIE ANDERSON O Superman
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