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Description: THE TING TINGS Shut up and let me go THE GO TEAM ! Buy nothing day DEPECHE MODE Personnal Jesus COLDPLAY Hymn for the weekend THE RECORD COMPANY Off the ground PJ HARVEY The wheel THE MIRRORS Golden victory ARTISTE DE LA SEMAINE X AMBASSADOR Renegades BECK Loser DARIA Past simple SOMERSET Pills and wine SOME SMOKING GUYS The ground MUSE After math THE MIRRORS Stormy pretty land ARTISTE DE LA SEMAINE WASHINGTON DEAD CATS Oumamama DEPUTIES Champion EXCLU MERZHIN La planète L’HOMME PARLE Le jour viendra MICKEY 3D La rose blanche RADIO ELVIS Les moissons THE MIRRORS Take me on ARTISTE DE LA SEMAINE IGGY POP Gardenia BLACK It’s a wonderfull live MANUKEEN Miss you POPCORN & PROJECTION La Chronique “Le convoi” FIRST AID KIT My silver lining JAIN Makeba BLANCMANGE Don’t tell me TEARS FOR FEARS The working hour
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