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Description: P1 THE SERVANT How to destroy a relationship NEW ORDER Singularity THE BEATLES Help FEU! CHATTERTON Boeing THE SAPPHICS Split my blood cells STUCK IN THE SOUND Toy boy IGOR AND THE HIPPIE LAND Disappearing world ALBUM DE LA SEMAINE “Disappearing world” P2 COTTON BELLY’S Raing road LES NEGRESSES VERTES Zobi la mouche DUBIOZA KOLEKTIV One more time BLACK TEMPLE Clean me up VIOLENT FEMMES Memory JAMES Nothing but love IGOR AND THE HIPPIE LAND Fly and run away ALBUM DE LA SEMAINE “Disappearing world” P3 TRUMPETS OF CONSCIOUSNESS Never again JEANNE ADDED A war is coming ONE FOR JUDE Mind fucker PARC Chemise PHOENIX Consolation prizes PAPOOZ Simply are IGOR AND THE HIPPIE LAND We need you now ALBUM DE LA SEMAINE “Disappearing world” P4 POP CORN & PROJECTION La Chronique “Dead pool” THE REBEL OF TIJUANA Bangs THE RAKES All to human MOULLINEX Widening circle TWO DOOR CINEMA CLUB Run AU BONHEUR DES DAMES Roulez bourrés LES BIDOCHONS Crêperie BLESSED VIRGINS Jean-Pascal et la France HOPE OF FREEDOM On a hazy morning
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